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At RE/MAX Platinum Properties in Margate, New Jersey, we have experienced REALTORS™ who help you buy a house or sell your home along the South Jersey shore.

Over email, we inform prospective buyers of available homes and foreclosures along the Jersey shore. Offer your home for sale now with our free services.

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RE/MAX Platinum Properties is the leading real estate company in Margate, NJ. For more than 30 years in the business, our REALTORS™ have been helping buyers find their dream home and sellers get the best deals out of their properties in the South Jersey shore. Call us and make your dream a reality.

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Mission Statement

Our philosophy: "Stick-to-it-iveness." A word that is synonymous with determination, consistency, loyalty, and devotion – a word that means "never quit."

We believe that Real Estate is more than just a career—it is a way of life.  Our KNOWLEDGE, energy, and interest are all focused on MAKING YOUR DREAMS A REALITY.

With the "Wolfson Home Team", you have 3 EXPERIENCED "ABR" agents you can TRUST, who will understand YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and YOUR GOALS.  Look to us for the kind of COMMITMENT that typifies excellence. It's the hallmark of our team.

Contact our real estate company in Margate, New Jersey, and get our accommodating Realtors™ find you a new home.

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